Services from highly skilled and Results Oriented Consultants.

Based on a global survey, less than half of all implemented IT projects are considered successful and able to fully meet user expectations. Mirach Innovations maintains a service philosophy that will make 100 percent of our projects successful and hence will result to fully meet or exceed our customers' expectations time after time. We invite you to tap into our Professional Services Group—a team of highly skilled engineers, project managers, IT consultants, technicians and software development professionals. Our pre-deployment services, training, post-deployment support, special consulting and post-deployment engineering services are all tailored to meet your specific needs, schedule constraints and budget. Our Rapid Project Methodology (RPM™) can be used to implement your project in record time if desired, or we can follow a more gradual implementation schedule to suit your needs. We consider each customer engagement a vital partnership, and we strive to build long-lasting relationships and trust between both our teams.

We Can Work with You to Select the Best-Fit Solutions for Your Mission Now Via Providing Following Services

Solution Design

We Work with Clients to Select the Best-Fit Solutions for The Mission

We work with clients to recommend and select the best solution portfolio for meeting the required needs. We use a systematic requirement review to assess the operational needs prior to designing the complete solution, encompassing the hardware infrastructure for Smart Grid Application and Automation Systems for the specific applications needed to accomplish the mission. We are focused and expert in providing Design Services in the area of AMI, SCADA, DMS, GIS and SAP Integration.

As the requirements and needs change, we remain to assist our clients till the closure of the project.

As the mission objectives changes due to business expansion, regulatory mandates, efficiency mandates or technology shifts, we work with our clients to augment their initial system by implementing new applications. Our modular applications approach allows our clients a just-in-time implementation strategy, not burdening with premature costs of ownership.

We conduct QUALITATIVE RESEARCH about the users and trends to develop better apps. Our user experience and user interface designers create delightful designs to wow users! We define the structure and behavior of the interactive apps to create engaging interface. We deliver working prototypes and conduct usability testing to ensure that the deliverable is bug-free.

Implementation Services

Our Goal is to Help Our Clients Realize the Benefits of Our Solutions in Record Time

Our Engineers help companies assess their needs and design solutions tailored to their unique requirements. We provide turnkey project implementation, design, testing, and deployment.

We help our clients to assess their needs and design solutions tailored to their unique requirements. We provide turnkey project implementation, design, testing, and deployment. Our Rapid Project Methodology (RPM™) enables us to deliver projects in record time following standard and proven procedures and methodologies for design, integration, implementation, quality assurance and testing.

Clients with limited internal resources can rely on our engineering team to assist in database migration, to finalise Business Processes & Process Engineering, as well as to have understanding of To Be Implemented application integration and custom development. Integration and Consulting Services are offered to augment an organization's internal resources and ensure the successful development, integration and rollout of the project. We provide project planning and oversight, consultation and guidance to ensure a successful implementation.

We have dedicated team for SAP-ISU Integration with Smart Grid Application as well as in the field of SMP specially in Agentry application like SAP Work Manager and Fiori based applications

Integration Services

We improve Client's Business Performance by Optimising Information Flow Between Systems

In order to help our clients, we develop integrated solutions based on their specific vision and mission, and to realize maximum benefit from the solutions, we offers a range of Integration Services.

Using our expertise and available cutting-edge technologies, a wide range of corporate applications and systems can be integrated with the real-time automation platform. These include Client Information systems, ERP systems, Data Warehouse and Historian solutions, GIS systems, Market systems, Enterprise middleware with use of Big Data and more. A broad range of specific industry standards, such as CIM, SOA, MultiSpeak™, TASE2, IEC, DNP, OPC or specific middleware adapters are used to accomplish this seamless integration.

Legacy or proprietary systems needing to be interfaced with the platforms are accommodated through a range of custom interfaces and protocols. We have built a strong expertise related to interfaces of popular DCS and Plant information systems, as well as support for a large list of Smart Meters, legacy RTUs and PLC protocols Our talented and experienced integration engineers can develop customized protocols and interfaces to new devices in record time using the open nature of available technologies and APIs. Last but not the least Mirach Innovations is engaged in developing Smart Grid Integration Framework.