Our Solutions

Learn about our best solutions with the best and optimum use of IoT or visit us to know more and to discover more. The Internet of Things has opened up a new, virtually inexhaustible source of technical innovations, which are equally valuable for a broad variety of industries. Applying smart connected devices, sensors, and gateways to control each part of the production process, manufacturing and infrastructure companies are dramatically increasing their operational efficiency. At the same time, the consumer tech market has exploded with abundance of smart products and spin-off cloud services that they brought to life.

Widely implemented in these lines of business as a middle layer for industrial, Telecom, and consumer IoT solutions, Mirach Innovations provides enterprise-grade components for a large majority of established IoT Solutions. And even if you choose to blaze a new trail in the field and implement a totally unique IoT product concept — Mirach Innovations offers a top-of-the-range feature set and IoT services, limitless hardware integration options, and flexible community support for an uncontested success of your every IoT endeavor.

Our IoT Based Solution are as below:

Airborne Metering

Airborne Metering is developed to acquire consumption values and all associated parameters from the Smart Meters, while the Drone is flying in the air. Our Middle layer acquires Meter Reading Schedule from SAP and compiles the Mission details for the drone. During the mission flight, the drone acquires all the needed Smart Meter Data, while in the air. The acquired meter data by the drone can be uploaded to SAP in real-time the mission ends with landing at the base station.

NB - IoT Based Shared Parking

Let's contribute to make this world further better. Share your parking space while it's not being used and hence earn, however the main benefit is to reduce traffic congestion and increase Parking Space without even constructing. Download the app. Announce your parking free time. Setup the tariff and earn. As a parking provider provision to upload bulk space is also facilitated. As an application user, to get the available parking just launch the application. Getting parking was never so easy.

IoT Based Smart Farming

Mirach Innovations solution in the field of Smart Farming represent the mordern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into agriculture, contributing to next Green Revolution. Using IoT we have developed this solution for farmers and growers to get the best recommendations to cultivate based on certain test which can be executed on the soil, in the farmer's field and the results are transmitted in real time. The same drone can also be used for spreading pesticides in large fields.

Generate Meter Reading Route

The Meter Route Plan is to be generated by the SAP, once the Route Plan is saved, it is to be assigned to the designated drone.

Upload Parking Space

If you want to share your parking space while you are away, just upload the details with photos and set the tariff.

Farmer Request Soil Testing

The farmer has to send a request for the Soil Testing indicating the location of his target field to the cloud.

The Flying Meter Reader

Next the Middle Layer compiles the mission details. The mission details are uploaded to the drone with critical information like Co-ordinates, heights to maintain and the parameters to acquire. The acquired data is uploaded to SAP in real-time.

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Parking Space with a click

Start the app, by default the app shows all the available parking in green colour with distance and time to arrive. Once booked the app guides you to the parking space. Your app works as access card to open the NB IoT Enabled Gates.

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Scheduling the Flying Robot

Once the request is received, the Work Order is generated, the assigned drone equipped with Soil Testing Equipments will fly. After Reaching the field it test sthe soil and sends the data to the data center in real-time. The farmer is advised accordingly.

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